Natural Tattoo Removal – Is It The Way To Go?

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Some tattoos are not meant to stick around forever. At least, you realize this at some point, whether the tattoo is still fresh, or whether you’ve had it for years. Make no mistakes, most people who get them are quite proud of what their tattoos stand for and represent. But sometimes, the tattoo isn’t just right for you anymore.

It doesn’t mean that you hate art or that you won’t ever get one again. But some people choose to get one when they aren’t exactly capable of making logical decisions. Others fall in love and think it’s going to last forever, so why not get each other’s names across the shoulder?

The fact is that things happen, and you might be in a position where you want to remove the tattoo. More specifically, you are wondering about natural tattoo removal. Is it the way to go?

When it comes to getting a tattoo removed, you want to look at all your options and read more information about it.

Why Not Laser?

The first tattoo removal solution that comes to mind is the laser removal option. And even though it is widely used, it is not something people do likely. Why?

For starters, you’ll most likely have to go for three or four sessions in order for the laser removal to be effective.

Secondly, the sessions can cost any from $300 per treatment. When you add a few of them together, you are looking at $1200 just to sit and get burnt by a laser, which has to be strong enough to penetrate the skin deep enough, while breaking down the ink pigmentation.

If the technician is experienced, you have good odds of getting the tattoo removed, but the results are never guaranteed. Issues like scarring and burns are typically associated with this type of tattoo removal, hence the search for more natural tattoo removal strategies.

Natural Tattoo Removal

You have to know that there are several home remedies out there, and many of them work quite well. But if you look at the more professional way to do things, the product or technique aims to speed up the cell creation process for the upper layer of the skin. At the same time, it should allow easier access to the ink, where it can naturally be removed.

Of course, this is a process. And just like getting laser therapy, time is required. But when you consider how affordable natural tattoo removal products and methods are, the time you have to wait is a small price to pay.

Is Natural Tattoo Removal The Way To Go?

If you want to avoid the risk of paying a lot of money for permanent scars or burns, then natural tattoo removal is definitely the better option.

There are several ways you can approach it, the methods and products are typically very affordable, and you can get even better results.

Or do you really want to reach a point where you wish you left the tattoo where it was, which could happen with laser removal?

3 Tattoo Removal Techniques

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Tattoos are permanent and it is important to carefully consider getting inked as well as all the other factors involved. If you do regret having the tattoo, the art doesn’t turn out quite the way you imagined or you made an impulsive decision 3 of the most common tattoo removal techniques to consider include:

1. Laser Tattoo Removal

This is the most popular tattoo removal technique and is successful at removing most types and sizes of tattoos. It works by using varying light spectrum lasers to break down the ink into smaller particles that can be absorbed and ejected by the body. It is the best technique for small and large tattoos of varying colors.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider. The procedure is expensive and takes a number of sessions that require time for healing of between 6 and 8 weeks. This means that it can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years for the tattoo to disappear entirely.

Color tattoos are more difficult to remove especially blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. Teal, that lovely blue-green color that is so attractive, is almost impossible to remove. The process is also quite painful to undergo.

2. Excision

Excision is the surgical removal of a tattoo using a scalpel and is normally performed by a doctor or cosmetic surgeon. The procedure is performed using a local anesthetic to numb the area where the tattoo is located. It is the most successful technique to remove a tattoo entirely but is however only suitable for smaller tattoos.

The procedure requires a lengthy healing time like most types of surgery and can result in minimal to severe scarring depending on who performs the excision. This is the oldest means of removing a tattoo buy has grown less popular as it is not suitable for medium or large tattoos and because of the resultant scarring.

3. Do-It-Yourself

There are some D-I-Y tattoo removal options that can be successful at fading a tattoo. These options do not actually remove a tattoo but simply fade it until it is less visible or becomes invisible to the naked eye.

Tattoo removal creams are one of these options and contain chemicals that bleach the ink in the tattoo. The process may require some scrubbing in order to allow the chemicals to reach the dermis or second layer of skin where the ink particles are located. The scrubbing can be painful and the chemicals may burn.

A popular home remedy for tattoo removal is the use of lemon juice which has acidic properties that will fade a tattoo much like a tattoo removal cream. Scrubbing the area is recommended before applying the lemon juice in order for the remedy to be more successful.

D-I-Y tattoo removal takes time and it can take months or even years for the tattoo to fade to a point that it is no longer noticeable. The accumulated cost of tattoo removal creams can also become quite expensive. D-I-Y techniques are also less successful on some colored inks.